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The Time Attack race series

The Time Attack race series has seen significant development during the last years and grows in popularity. New Zealand, the US, Netherland, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Australia and Germany: Worldwide drivers compete against each other in this exciting race format.

The principle of Time Attack is easy: It focuses on a deciding element in Motorsport; Qualifying. The drivers only compete against the clock and himself. It is a sport for the racetrack, and in the end it is only about one thing: Who can manage this quickest and perfect lap?

When the driver reaches the final, he only has one chance. For the optimal results, drivers, car and team have to coordinate perfectly. On these principles the bridge is built between the life on and off the racetrack.

Be a part of it and support us! We offer a new, exciting and innovative platform in the world of Motorsport. Our win is your success!

Additional information can be found directly on the Time Attack’s website: