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Results David Spigarelli Motorsport - Time Attack Serie

Lausitzring | 11. June 2016

Qualifying: #1 (1.35,707 min.)
Super-Lap: #1 (1.35,5955 min.)
Gesamtergebnis: #1

Fotos: Benjamin Weihe

Nürburgring | 01. May 2016

Qualifying: #1
Super-Lap: #2
Gesamtergebnis: #2

Fotos: Andreas Goltz |


Race results of David Spigarelli Motorsport-Time Attack Series

In our first championship in 2015, we competed in the Pro-Class of the German Time Attack Masters, where we concluded with a vice championship title. 

Read more about our race results under the ‘Pro-Class’ on the Time Attack website: