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David Spigarelli

David is the team’s driver and organizer for the complete season
Age: 29 years old
Employment: certified mechanic

24,rue de Conter
L-5955 Itzig
Fon: (00352) 621 259 345   

Guy Goergen

Guy’s tasks and responsibilities consist of pit stops. This not only includes the change of tyres and the control and management of the tyre’s pressure, temperature and general management of the engine bay.

Grégory Schiltz

Together with Guy, Grégory is assisting the pit stops. In addition to engine bay and chassis management.

Aldin Dreco

Aldin’s tasks are to coordinate the pit stops. During the pit stops, he checks the general condition of the car’s rear.

Sabrina Seil

Sabrina’s duties are to fuel the car during pit stops and to calculate each tank’s range. Furthermore she organises the voyages, hospitality, costs and logistics.

Serge Poncelet

Serge is responsible for the tyre temperature management and evaluates them.

Naturally, everyone helps whoever and wherever they can, we are a very flexible team, everyone helps in terms of development or disassembling, logistics or general coordination.